Follow Fridays: The Bloggess

Jamie and I follow so many blogs between the 2 of us and love to find new blogs. I follow blogs on everything including DIY, recipes, healthy eating, personal, and ECGs. After some discussion, we thought it would be fun to start "Follow Fridays" and share some of the blogs we read on a regular basis with our readers.

One of my absolute favorite blogs is The Bloggess and I am hopeful many of you are already following her! She is absolutely hilarious and definitely not PG13. She writes about her personal life and funny little anecdotes from everyday life. She is one of my favorite people to read after a really long day. She was once a journalist/writer and started blogging to enjoy the internet life of not being censored.

This blog is for you if you enjoy sarcasm, making fun of everyday life, and like your humor a little rough around the edges.

This blog might not be for you if you are more conservative, don't like the f-word, and don't like super popular blogs.

I highly suggest checking her out!

Let us know what your favorite blogs are to follow!


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