Making Memories: A Fun DIY project

I love books! As a kid I loved workbooks and fill in the blanks. I'm a nerd for paper. And I still am. I ran across this pin awhile back and thought it was such a wonderful idea. Basically this blogger came up with 30 questions of things she thought her kids should know about her. What a fun idea! And the more I thought about, the easier I decided it would be to make it into a fun book! I used different fonts I had downloaded on my computer and typed out each question. Then I printed them out on card stock and doubled sided it. I made a cover page by printing a fun peice of digital paper and then feeding it back through the printer to print our names right on top. I paper clipped it all together and took it down to Staples and had them do a spiral bind on it. It was a fun and cheap project that turned into a keepsake! I keep thinking I need to print more of these books for some of the mamas and daddies I know. I know Mer will enjoy reading this later on.

I cannot find the site I got these digital papers from :( 

As you can see I haven't finished my book yet.

I love to use pretty colored pens to fill it out. 

This general idea of a book of questions is a great idea for kids as well! So many possibilities!



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