Sisters on Blackwell

 Welcome to Sisters On Blackwell! We are half-sisters with a complicated family (whose isn’t?) but it’s a great one. We grew up in different states, but spent our summers together at the home of our grandparents on Blackwell Road. For both of us, these were some of the most formative years of our lives, growing and learning constantly. Our grandparents were the perfect combination of over protective grandma and let’s teach them about life grandpa. Grandma smothered us with love and Grandpa taught us so many lessons that we find ourselves quoting as adults with regularity. Crafts, cooking, creating, living, parenting, healing, sharing. Join us for some DIY fun and adventures down memory lane!

 Hello Everyone! My name is Katelyn and I am a 20-something senior medical student with a love for everything crafting and baking. I pour most of my heart and soul into becoming the best physician I can become for my patients. I started doing DIY and cooking up new things for stress relief several years ago. In 2012, I started this blog to share the things I made with the world, because I have always figured if I can make it anyone can and I am excited to expand it to include my talented sister! I have soft spots for pretty patterns, striking color mixes, and things that taste delicious! When I'm not reading journals, crafting, or baking,  I enjoy being outside, spending time with friends/family, and volunteering!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by Sisters On Blackwell! I’m a twenty something mama of one sweet little poptart, Merideth. I married my blind date in 2010 and we reside close to home in the Midwest. I am an avid book lover and am always looking for my next great read. I could stare at lovely blogs with all things crafty and colorful for hours. I am passionate about recreating projects and making them my own. Cooking is another passion of mine (right along with eating!). Since becoming a mama I have tried to make more things homemade and eliminate some of the unnecessary ingredients for my whole family. My purpose in life is to be the best mama, person, and friend to Merideth and everyone else… well that’s just icing on my chocolate cake!

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  1. Hi Sisters,I found your blog while searching for,well,perhaps I shouldn't be telling this,pregnant belly cakes.Yes I know that sounds weird for a guy to take an interest in something like that,but pregnant women are SOOOO BEAUTIFUL and FASCINATING to me.I never knew that people made pregnant belly cakes until I saw my first one not long ago,and I've enjoyed looking at them ever since!!!
    As for the pics on your blog,I LOVE them all! You guys are SOOOO PRETTY and that little poptart Merideth is ADORABLY CUTE!!!The story of how you two grew up together is WONDERFUL and I feel really BLESSED to have read it!!!