Happy Birthday Book

Birthdays are the specialist of days in our family (and most others). The kids always get a fun themed party, the adults usually have a low key and enjoyable birthday dinner. With birthdays come gifts and with gifts come cards. I am so sentimental and I can't bear to part with cards. I keep them all. My mom has been keeping them for me since I was a kid. I have a big plastic tote full of cards. It is so special to go through and read the cards from my first holidays, especially the cards from my Gramma Ann who is no longer with us. I don't read them often, as they always result in tears and overwhelming emotions, but I treasure them. The Grents are big fans of cards and we usually get several at our birthdays. Typically these consist of one sentimental one and a few funny (read inappropriate) ones. I decided that instead of Mer having a bunch of birthday cards from us each year, I would make a book where we could write her a message and friends and family could do so as well. I hopped on Blurb and set it up so each page was a solid color, with each ages set of pages a different color, so all the pages for her first  birthday are the same color and so on.

For each birthday I have a 2 page spread which notes which birthday it is, and this is where I'll put a few birthday pictures (eventually haha!)

Next is a message from Mom and Dad.

Followed by a place for messages from friends and family. We set this out at each birthday party.

I included two more blank pages after this for more messages or photos.

Here are our messages from her second birthday: 

This book has pages for her all through her 18th birthday. I made this on Blurb and I'm very happy with it, but it was pretty pricey. With some of the recent changes on Snapfish, you can easily make this on there and get it when they have a half off sale for much cheaper. This would make a great gift! 



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