I made a whole batch of these for a project I should finish up somewhere around the beginning of December. They are super cute and easy to make. Useful for gift cards, but you will see what I am using them for in the next few weeks.

What You Need
Card Stock

1. Cut your card stock so that it is as tall as you would like +1 inch

2. Then it should be cut so that it is twice as wide as you want your envelop to be + 1/2 inch
3. Fold up bottom 1/2 an inch

4. Fold the sides so that they overlap by 1/2 an inch in the middle

5. Fold the top down 1/2 inch

6. Cut out small side rectangles as shown on both sides

7. Round your corners
8. Fold 1 side down and put on glue then fold other side down

9. Then fold bottom over those and glue down
10. Use for various projects!

What's Next? Other Blogs and such

Today was one of my few days off from school for the next couple of months. Life is incredibly busy. However, I put up some fall decorations today and plan to put together a fall arrangement once I find a vase I like. When I am all done I will post pictures of the finished product. I bought fabric for the second taggie I am going to make and once that is all done I will post a tutorial(hopefully next weeks post!) I've been doing some art and trying to start planning for Christmas. In the meantime as I try to get my craft room back up and running while keeping up with school, I have also started a second blog which goes through my daily life as a med student which you can check out here!
My sister(who does guest posts) also has started her own blog about her family life which you can find here!
Keep checking back for new projects. Ideally I am going to post on Thursdays!
Happy Fall!