Christmas Tree 2013

Fall is my favorite time of year because of the falling and changing leaves and cool air, but Christmas is by far my holiday. I start decorating the weekend after Halloween and then don't take anything down until January. I never get tired of Christmas movies or Christmas music. I am that person who randomly watches Polar Express(my favorite xmas movie) in July. So the first thing that went up this year was the Christmas Tree. Last year was the first year I had my own tree and I went with light blue and silver, but I didn't love it. This year I decided on red and silver and I do LOVE it! I also did my ribbon a little differently this year. It is like a checkered pattern and pretty easy to do. You just use floral wire ribbon that you can attach to the top of the tree and have the over lap at certain places and secure them with an ornament. Then within every diamond I put a bulb and ornament that went with the color scheme and then finished it up with some smaller bulbs in more empty areas. It is absolutely gorgeous! Now I just have to get gifts under it.


Just in time to switch to Halloween, I finished up my fall decor and now I'm switching to Christmas. The sign behind my mums is actually one of those yard signs you are suppose to put in the ground, but the ground was hard and I liked it better where I put it. The centerpiece was super simple. I just got some fall flowers and a vase and put it together. The carriage I got at Hobby Lobby and LOVE it. I went simple this year outside of my big wreath. I'm concentrating on Christmas as it is my favorite!