Pregnant Belly Cake

Here is a major example of my mother and I getting in over our heads. A good family friend is having a baby this coming November and she loved this cake. We called around to get estimates for the baby shower and the prices ranged between $70-130. Wow! So we decided the the two of us would make the cake instead(neither of us have decorated a cake before). Through some trial and error and with a 6 year old willing to get messy, we were pretty successful.

What You'll Need
3 cake mixes
3 tubs of icing
1 box of fondant
Wonder-mold pan
Sports ball pan
Rice Krispie

1. Start by cooking all of your cakes. You will need a sheet cake, 2 of the wonder mold shapes and one half circle
2. Dye 2 tubs of icing the color you need for your sheet cake
3. Ice the cake with 1 1/4 tubs and put in the refrigerator
4. Arrange your wonder mold shapes and your semi circle to look like the mid-section of a pregnant woman
5. Put enough icing on these to allow fondant to stick

6. Cut a foot shape out of your rice krispie and place onto your belly where you want it

7. Dye your fondant(3/4 will go the dress and 1/4 will be your straps)
8. Roll out your fondant for the dress so that it is like a rectangle and then wrap around the rolling pin

9. Lay the fondant across your mid-section and use your hand to make it stick to the icing in the shape you want

10. Cut off the excess leaving enough on the bottom so that it looks like a dress
11. Using your strap fondant cut out a 1.5 inch strap with pointed ends and lay between belly and wonder mold
12. Cut out 2 more straps and attack to top of wonder molds and bring up to overlap to look like the straps on the top of the dress
13. Pull sheet cake out of the fridge and use remaining icing and straight spatula to ice sheet cake to look smooth
14. Using 2 spatulas pick up your mid section and place on top of the edge of your sheet cake so that it is angled diagonally pointed toward the corner
15. allow fondant of dress to flow of the side
16. Add icing border and flowers if desired(can also add glitter and other various decor)

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  1. WOW,that has to be one of the most BEAUTIFUL pregnant belly cakes I've ever seen!!! To me the color is what makes it as appealing as it is and it's really neat that you showed how you made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!