Burp Clothes

For every new baby, my grandmother buys cloth diapers with the add-on comment that they aren't to be used as diapers this is the modern world, they are the perfect burp rags. So with the old piece of knowledge and the need to make things pretty I made some burp rags out of cloth diapers and flannel. These are super easy and extremely cute, not to mention handy.

What You'll Need
Flannel (1/3 yard per diaper)
cloth diapers
Sewing machine

1. Start by folding your cloth diaper in half

2. Lay your flannel out and lay your diaper that is folded on top of it

3. Cut off the excess flannel

4. Make sure the back of the flannel is facing out and the front of the flannel is facing in and sew together 3 3/4 sides leaving a small bit not sewn on one side. 

5. Flip inside out so that the flannel is now on the right side and use a pencil to push out the corners(note: be gentle the cloth diapers can catch on sharp objects)

6. Tuck in the none sewn side and sew close to the edge

7. Sew 3 lines down the burp cloth so that it will be broken into four sections(this is simply to hold the diaper in place

8. Repeat

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