Baby Carriage Diaper Centerpiece Tutorial

This was the weekend of the big baby shower my mother and I put on. It is fair to say that we often get in way over our heads and commit to more than we often have time for, but somehow we get it done and things always turn out well. I made three centerpieces for the shower along with body scrub as gifts. This was one of the centerpieces and definitely the easiest to make.

Things You'll Need
Basket(blanket must be able to go around the basket)
hanger(not needed if basket has middle handle)
2 Receiving blanket
Diapers/burp cloths
Stuffed Animals

1. Start by folding your blanket so that it is as long as it can be and a little taller than the basket
2. Wrap blanket around the basket and secure with binding clips
3. Tuck top of blanket into the basket
4.Use a wire hanger and bend it to make it into a circle and then bend them towards each other to make a doubled rim semi-circle with no bottom that is as wide as the basket
5. Wrap one receiving blanket around the wire hanger leaving enough fabric on both sides so that it will go to the bottom
6. Place hanger into the basket so it will stick out of it and organize the fabric into the basket so that it looks like the covering of a bassinet.
7. Fill basket to the rim with burp cloths and diapers or whatever you want to fill it with as long as it is even

8. Use second receiving blanket to cover your stacked items in the basket all the way around and tuck in the corners

9. Add stuffed animals or toys

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