Homemade Train Baby Shower Centerpiece

Things You'll Need
4 Receiving blankets
Package of diapers
Coordinating ribbon
Hair Ties
Sheet of felt
1 cardboard wrapping box(lingerie size)
1 bib
Hot glue gun
1. Start by stacking up 6 size one diapers as shown below

2. Roll these up so that the top of the diaper will be on the inside
3. Secure with hair tie

4. Measure out ribbon long enough to cover up hair tie
5. Cut out five pieces of ribbon for each wheel
6. Using hot glue, glue ribbon around the hair band

1. Cut off an inch of the lingerie box
2. Fill box with diapers
3. Wrap receiving blanket around box like you would wrap with wrapping paper and secure with tape
4. Roll up receiving blanket and then roll a second receiving blanket around it and secure with masking tape

5. Make a wheel of diapers that is about twice the size of your train wheels and wrap  receiving blanket around it

6. Take your bib and fold it in half twice and then roll your bib up and secure with tape

7. Measure across your box and then use a piece of felt that long in a coordinating color. Fold felt in half and then cut so that you have one inch straight and then a V for the front of the train
8. Place box down and place wheel that is wrapped in the receiving blanket on the very back of the box
9. Then place the 2 wrapped up receiving blankets in front of it

10. Secure these by using ribbon the wraps around is glued on the bottom
11. Measure out a piece of ribbon that will go all the way around the box and attach it using your hot glue gun
12. Attach your piece of felt the the front by using hot glue on your ribbon
13. Using tape secure your bib on top of your two wrapped together receiving blankets
14. Place on top of 3 sets of diaper wheels

1. Fill your basket
2. Place basket on top of 2 wheels

1. Use links to attach the front and back through the ribbon on around the box and the ribbon on the tires

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