Diaper Cake

I have always thought the diaper cake idea was a great one, but I'm all for taking things to the next level to make things look better. So this is my version of the diaper cake. Enjoy!

What You'll Need
2 Receiving blankets
Package of diapers
Stuffed animal
Paper mache container(optional)
Shredded paper
Cake bottom

1. Start by rolling up one diaper and measuring it will ribbon, then cut out enough ribbon pieces that size for the number of diapers you will use

2. Tape each ribbon into a circle by wrapping tape around the ends

3. Roll each of your diapers and slip a ribbon loop around each

4. Organize your diapers into a circle and then tie a string around them. (I used a circular contain to stack my in and then slipped string around to hold it)(note: you can make each layer as big as you'd like but remember your receiving blankets are only so long)

5. I used a paper mache container filled with other gifts for the second layer which I found at Hobby Lobby but they are sold at various craft stores

6. Wrap both your container and your layer of diapers in receiving blankets
7. Stack container onto of your diaper layer
8. Use shredded paper for the top and around the sides to cover the diapers and top with a stuffed animal

9.Place cake onto a cake circle for easy carrying

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