Sports Standing Display Tutorial

I made these for my father and grandpa for Father's Day and they loved them. Really easy way to keep track of where their favorite team stands during the season.

What You Need
Wood(title board should be 24in x 5.5in and team boards should measure 24in x 3.5in)
Paint(colors for each team)
Chalkboard paint
10 eyelet hooks
8 Cup hooks
Minwax Classic Gray Wood Finish

1. Start by staining all your wood and let dry overnight 

2. Then paint a thing layer on each board. I used white on my league boards and then each teams main color on the team boards leaving 7in for chalkboard paint.(note: you can either paint the whole board if you want a clean look or if you want an aged look leave the edges unpainted)

3. Stencil on the league on the top board and either the city or mascot onto the team boards(for the team boards I used the teams other color for the lettering)

4. Paint on the chalkboard paint at the end of each team board following the directions on the bottle

5. Once paint has dried paint a white "-" in the middle of the chalkboard paint
6. Optional: use sandpaper to sand down the lettering for an aged look
7. Attach the boards with eyelet hooks on bottom of each board and cup hooks on top of each board(makes it easy to move them around as the ranks change through the season)
8. Attach 2 eyelet hooks on top of league board for hanging.

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