End of Week 1

Well, this week didn't go as planned, but it wasn't a complete train wreck. I am down 2 pounds and managed to make better choices. Throughout this week I had a surprise visit from an old friend, one of those melt down days, a date night, and a visitation. Let's just say that no eating out thing did not happen this week. However even though it wasn't the "perfect" week, I tried really hard to make it a good week anyway. One of the things I am guilty of is when I go out I feel like it is a treat and I should get to get what I want to eat. WRONG! Eating what you want at a restaurant can set you way back, so this week I tried to stick to healthier choices like small steaks, salads, fresh veggies, and if you must have a treat make it smaller than what you normally get like a mini blizzard from Dairy Queen instead of a brownie earthquake(my personal favorite).
I also think it is important to remember when things don't always go as planned that you can't beat yourself up for it. Remind yourself that you may have had one bad day, but you did have six good days instead of 7 bad days in a row. If you don't give yourself the credit you are due then it is so much easier to say why even try.
I am amping up for the next few busy months in this life I call "med school." So with life getting extra busy and trying to keep up with weight loss, exercise, sleep, and some kind of a social life it is going to be a long few months. I find it even harder to eat well when I am busy and stressed, but I am starting by making a monthly meal plan and doing all my grocery shopping at one time for the month. Be on the lookout for some great healthy and simple recipes to compliment a busy lifestyle and healthy eating! Also be on the lookout for some great crafts. Though my crafting has definitely slowed down with all my time commitments currently, I will still be blogging about my crafts (hopefully) weekly. Things to come this month include making a single panel quilt, diaper pouch, baby hats, and a child's white coat. I'll also be making another family date's sign and hopefully finishing up some other projects I am working on from other blogs!

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