End of Week 2

I imagine this is what it feels like to juggle a full time job and children. I have been running a 100 mph trying to get everything done with my current rotation and get a bunch of projects finished(hence why my end of week 2 post is almost at the end of week 3).  Let's just say the amount of sleep I'm getting isn't exactly ideal. So I haven't cooked nearly as much as I wanted this week, but we also haven't been eating out much. Mostly I have been snacking on apples, green beans, and frozen meals. So two weeks in I'm down 5 pounds. I have pretty much given up on trying to start an exercise program until after this month, but I am working on an awesome plan to start in August. So for the one night I did have time to cook I took the easy way out and made my go to chicken tenders which I'll post as soon as I have time to upload my pictures. Other projects to be keeping an eye out for include my panel quilt, tutu skirted costume(this needs a better name), baby hats, burp cloths, child's white coat, and me gearing up for a baby shower and christmas. Fall is always the biggest craft season for me and this fall is going to be very busy so hopefully I will be able to keep with my totally hand-made christmas. I hope to post different things on here as I get them done, however I will have the slight dilemma of my sister who reads my blog and anything I make for her...

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