The First Day

Today was the first day to my "new" life and by "first" I mean the first day for the one hundredth time and by "new" I mean where I start making all the right choices for myself.  Now-a-days, women are expected to have careers, knit, craft, cook from scratch, have a healthy social life, raise a family, and maintain a size 2. Where are we suppose to be getting all this time? Though the expectation of being able to to do it all seems a bit high, I am apparently to be crazy enough to think I can do it. So today was the first day where I was going to get back my figure and start looking gorgeous again, because somewhere between the medical school, social life, learning how to sew, and cooking big dinners for my love, I went from healthy and curvy to whoa what happened here. And since my mother continuously invites me to the pool every Sunday even though I continuously turn her down, I figured it was time make some changes. So in addition to blogging about all the awesome projects I am working on, I am also going to blog a little about this new journey of mine. (another thing on that to-do list!) I hope to keep everyone updated on my progress and post meal ideas and different health tips for anyone else looking to get back into a swimsuit.
So to start off right, I bought a ton of fruit which I swore to myself I will eat this week, posted pictures on my mirror of what I use to look like(I am never go to look like a super model, really I don't want to I love my curves), and made a meal plan for the week. First day was a pretty big success minus the hunger pains. The hardest thing about dieting I have learned over the last 4 years of dieting off and on is when you are busy and tired it becomes really easy to undo your entire week of hard work in a minute of weakness. If someone says brownie sundae when I get home from clinic on a Friday, I'm a goner.
 So Goal #1 is to resist temptation during a moment of weakness and grab some sweet pineapple instead.
 Goal #2 is to not go out to eat. Goodness is that hard. Between the hours at the hospital and that everyone uses food as a social experience how does one not go out to eat?
Goal #3 is to find some time to workout a least 3 times this week and add in arm exercises daily.
Wish me luck!

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