Bucket List Display

A bucket list display is really simple to make and a fun way to display your goals and keep track of what you still want to do. You can make a bucket list for your new year, you can make a couples bucket list, you can make a list of things you want to do before you die. Whatever kind of list you make, it is a reminder to live each day the way you want to live it. You only live once after all!

Things you will need

Clothes pins
Sharpie Paint Pen
Bucket List
Other decor(ribbon, stickers, fabric flowers)

1. Start by painting your clothes pins whatever colors you would like.

2. Write each of the things on your bucket list onto one of the clothes pins with paint pen
3. Paint "Bucket List" onto your bucket
4. Decorate your bucket however you would like
5. Clip each of your clothes pins onto the side of the bucket
6. Each time you complete one of your goals unclip it and put into the bucket.

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