Date Night Jar

One of the hardest things for us is deciding what we should do for our date nights and we end up spending another night going out to dinner and coming home to watch a movie. So, I decided to make a date night jar.

Things You Will Need

Wooden Craft Sticks(Popsicle sticks)
Mason Jar
Fabric Flower
Paint or Stickers

1. Start by writing your date night ideas on the craft sticks. (Note: you may want to color code them based off of how long they may take i.e. a night vs a full day)
2. Then decorate your jar. I attached the fabric flower on the lid of the jar and tied ribbon around the top and finally painted "Date Nights."
3. Place sticks into jar and take turns grabbing one when your date night comes around. 

Date Night Ideas

  1. Indoor Picnic
  2. Look at Dream Houses(try
  3. Grab Oklahoma Joes and head for a park
  4. Sketch Dream home(or you can get one of those computer programs)
  5. Watch TV on mute and take turns making up your own lines
  6. Couples Bucket List
  7. Local Comedy Show
  8. Drinks
  9. Watch old movies
  10. Go rock climbing
  11. Build rocket from kit and try flying it
  12. Spend an evening in a downtown areas of a smaller town with little shops and local restaurants
  13. Drive to the middle of nowhere and look at the stars(don't forget the blanket and snacks)
  14. Relive your first date
  15. Make ice cream sundaes and tell stories of your childhood
  16. Drive in Movie
  17. Go miniature golfing
  18. Make homemade pizza together
  19. Restaurant hop-have each course at a different place
  20. Video game night
  21. Drive around town and take silly pictures
  22. Aquarium 
  23. Tarot cards
  24. Go to the lake
  25. Body Paint
  26. Back Rubs
  27. Cheesecake Factory
  28. No electricity night
  29. Long Drive
  30. Live local music
  31. Bowling
  32. Garage sales
  33. Make a time capsule
  34. Baseball or other sporting game
  35. Zoo
  36. Make a map of the places you would like to visit and the things you would like to see before you die
  37. Build fort in the living room and watch movies with slumber party snacks like pizza and popcorn
  38. Museums
  39. Order chinese takeout and watch movies at home
  40. Make brunch together
  41. Go movie jumping(watch multiple movies at the dollar theatre or watch a couple of matinee movies
  42. Visit a new local restaurant
  43. Laser Tag
  44. Red Box and Pizza
  45. Water Gun Fight
  46. Dessert Only night
  47. Spend a night at a bed and breakfast or at a hotel
  48. Visit an art museum
  49. Play tennis or catch
  50. local theater
  51. Go to a movie or local theater that serves dinner
  52. Have a marathon of your favorite shows or movie series(we have watched Scrubs, Harry Potter, Xmen, and our marathon to prepare for The Avengers)
  53. Go to Buffalo Wild Wings(or other sports bars) and watch a game
  54. Play frisbee
  55. Play board games(we like stratego)
  56. Go to the arcade
  57. Casino Night(we always take a set amount of money and play together(take turns spinning the reel))
  58. Go to local craft store and pick out a project to work on together
  59. Dinner and movie in bed
  60. Take a walk
  61. Fondue
  62. Dessert cookoff
  63. Go through old pictures
  64. Make patio or dining room into an old 50s diner and have shakes, fries, and hamburgers

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