Lately I have felt the need to make the place I rent feel more like my home for the next couple of years. I have a craft room, an office, and my bedroom upstairs and then a large living room and large kitchen downstairs. Once the Christmas decorations came down, it looked pretty bare. So I thought why not add some signs to denote which room is which. I am terrible at painting things free hand or even painting in traced lines. So I did my signs just a little differently.

What You Need

1. Start by painting your wood where you letters will be in the color you want your letters.

2. Place stickers on top of paint.

3. Paint over stickers the color you want your sign to be

4. Let dry for 30-60 minutes
5. Peel off stickers

6. Touch up as needed
7. Hang

See super easy! Would be a great projects for kids to do to make signs for their own room and the results look professional.

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