Behind the Scenes

For the most part I just blog about one of the most exciting parts of my life, my creations and then some small tidbits on the story surrounding what I made. I thought I would take some time and tell you about the person behind the scenes, where I came from, and how this all started.

I'm your typical 20 something lady, in the way that I am completely not typical at all. My life is hectic, amazing, and a mess. I have an incredible family that you would need a diagram to understand. I love to work and I love to create things. I have tons of guilty pleasures and other things I love that I am not as embarrassed to admit. I have dedicated my life to the people I love and to my passion for medicine. I was 8 years old when I decided I wanted to be a doctor. No one in my family had gone to college rather than graduate school, but I was never concerned with the barriers. I was accepted to an accelerated 6 year program where you get a bachelors degree and medical degree simultaneously right out of high school. Let's just say life hit me in the face and all of the sudden I wasn't the smartest, hardest working person in the room. I was in a room full of the best of the best. I was 19 when I failed for the first time. Biochemistry and I just were not a match made in heaven. Or maybe it was that my life seemed to be falling apart at the seams and I couldn't focus. I remember my biggest fear was calling my grandparents to tell them that I would have to take another year and that I had failed. You see they have cosigned all of my loans and here I was a failure. Bless my grandpa's heart, all he said was "failure builds strength, maturity, and character." They weren't mad, they actually seemed to be happy that I failed. They saw it as a stepping stone, something I needed to experience and overcome. Two months after my failure I hit rock bottom. I questioned everything about my life. Who I was, why I chose this path, where I was headed. Life had already not worked out the way I had planned. But over time and with the help of therapy(which I highly recommend for absolutely everyone), I rebuilt from rock bottom. It is from this experience that I believe everyone has the ability to start over and that one should always remember that everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

When in comes to love, I have definitely had my share of love and lost.  I've been looking for the one man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with since I started dating. I have always been one to just go for what I wanted and dive in quickly. I have created some wonderful memories, but not a bond made for marriage. I have learned a few things over the last few years though that I hope I remember the next time I find myself falling hard.

1. Family is super important. If you don't like their family or they don't like yours or their family doesn't like you or vise versa you are in for a rough road and it probably won't work out. 
2. Find someone who can be with your friends and family without needing you to hold their hand. If they can't have a good time with the people you love if you aren't around they may not be what you need.
3. Find someone who makes you feel beautiful even when you are in sweats with no makeup on. It is easy for someone to tell you that you are beautiful, it is harder for them to make you feel beautiful.
4. Never compromise who you are to be with someone. In the end you both end of miserable. 
5. Take your time and give yourself options. 
6. Be happy with who you are first. No one can make you love yourself. That is something you have to learn to do on your own. 
7. Be with someone who is willing to fight for you and is excited to see you. Someone who is looking to share their life with you, not just someone who is willing include you in their life.
8. Opposites attract is only true for magnets. The things you love about them that makes them so different from you are the things you will not like later.
9. Lastly, the person you chose to spend your life with will help determine how happy you are. They will be your support system or the person you knocks you down. So don't settle and don't sell yourself short.

So with all the lessons learned, I am totally clueless on what I am looking for in my future husband, so my love life is non-existant right now and for the first time in my life I'm okay with that. I am taking time to focus on who I am, what I love, and studying for my board exams. When boards are over, I will revisit the idea of what I want from a relationship.

So... how did this all start???? Some of you may think that I am probably totally artistic and have always been very crafty. This however is completely untrue. I can't draw to save my life. I use to think I was completely uncreative and hated working on projects. I didn't even know there was a store named JoAnns(which I spend half of my life in now.) So what changed? I did. My life started to change. I was expecting my first niece, I was in love, I had a place of my own and so many ideas. I started with quilting. I was going to make a baby quilt. I never finished it. But, it was the beginning. I then made bows for my niece(she still doesn't have enough hair to wear them.) Then quilts, then painting, and then my most popular post, the birthday signs. I rarely make things for myself though I do occasionally. Mostly I make things for the people who make my life wonderful and I enjoy watching their reactions to the things I make. Homemade gifts are one of a kind and no one else in the world can give them what you created. It was after finishing my first couple of big projects that I started blogging. I wanted to share my ideas and excitement with other people who loved to create things or wanted to learn to. I figure if someone like me could make it, then anyone can make it!  I get extremely, EXTREMELY excited about my crafts. In a way that is incredibly difficult to show in a blog post. I can stay up all night working on a project and I keep a notebook devoted to keeping track of my ideas(though I am constantly changing my mind.) I blog to share this excitement with the rest of the world so they can create that excitement for themselves. I love seeing other people's creations and the ideas they get from my ideas. 

So there it is. This is me in a nutshell. 

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