Glass Etching!

Today I tried about my hand in glass etching. Actually I tried it earlier this week and it was a disaster, but this time it was a success. They turned out awesome and now I am excited to try some more as gifts. This is pretty easy to do and the supplies are not that expensive either. Plus they are one of a kind.  I etched 2 pyrex pans for my sister and my step-mom and then a wine glass because I'm addicted. I made the stencils by cutting vinyl with my new Cricut. If you don't have a cricut though you can still do this project.

What You Need
Armour Etching Cream
Paint Brush
Cricut or blade
gloves(I suggest Mr Clean vinyl disposable gloves)
face mask and eye protection is debatable but I wore them to be safe
Well ventilated area
cotton swabs

1. Start by wiping down your glass with alcohol
2. Cut out you vinyl. If you have a Cricut this is quick and easy. Use speed 3, pressure 3, and blade 3. If you don't have a Cricut then you can either get a stencil you want to use or print out a design you like, trace it onto your vinyl and cut it out.

3. Peel out the letters or design and use the outline left and put it on the glass.

4. Make sure the vinyl has no bubbles around the outside. You can use a popsicle stick to get any bubbles out.

5. Put on gloves, go to a well ventilated area, and put on other protective gear if desired.(Armour can cause permanent damage to anything it touches so use with caution)
6. Using your paintbrush, brush your Etching Cream onto the glass. I used a coat that was thick enough that you couldn't see through it and on the Pyrex I found leaving it on for 40 minutes yielded better results. On glass about 10 minutes is enough.

7. Wash off the etching cream with water, peel off your vinyl and wash throughly.

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