Settling In

So I must say I am in love with my new cricut and it's vinyl cutting abilities. Though you can always cut vinyl by tracing out what you want onto your vinyl and cutting it with a blade, the cricut makes it so much faster and easier. I am still learning how to use it and playing with it almost daily. I decided on doing this little project to test out its vinyl capabilities and I loved the results. As someone who rents a house, I have very limited options on what I can do to decorate, but vinyl is removable. Starting to decorate makes this place feel a little more like home. I used two different fonts for the outside and inside and it has been a couple of weeks and the vinyl is sticking well both on the inside and outside.(we have even had some rain and some snow)

What You Need
Cricut or blade and stencil
Vinyl(you can find this at most craft stores or try
Transfer paper

Basically you cut out your vinyl and place it the way you want it. Stick your transfer paper to your vinyl and remove the sheet on the back of the vinyl. Stick on clean surface.
Use a craft stick to smooth out your vinyl and make sure it sticks well.

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