A Touch of Color and Memories

Hello! I am Katie’s (slightly) older sister, who also loves all things crafty. I have loved crafty stuff forever, but I typically dabble. This sister of mine is taking things to a whole new level, and inspiring me! Today I’m going to give you a little tour of my daughter’s nursery. She is almost 10 months old, and at her 1stbirthday party I plan to unveil a complete room redo. I love to redecorate so she will probably have many different bedrooms and as she gets older, she can help make them.

I had a really hard time settling on one theme when I was pregnant. I love so many different designs and colors so I never really ended up choosing one. Her dresser was gifted to me by my grandparents. It was the dresser my grandmother bought for my father when he was born. It was raw wood when she purchased it and she stained it a dark color she liked. I, however, need color. So as you can see we created a rainbow effect with the drawers and the frame of the dresser is a pale yellow. I love the vibrant colors! With the same paint, I created a little wall art. I printed off several animal silhouettes on cardstock and cut them out. I painted the entire canvas the color I wanted the animal. Then I stuck the animal cutout to the canvas with some scrapbooking dot adhesive (you can find this at Wal-mart). Next, I painted the entire canvas and let it dry. Then just peel off the silhouettes. Keep in mind that the darker colors that you used first may be difficult to paint over with a lighter color.

I have loved the look of gallery walls since the first one I saw on Pinterest. (An updated one coming soon in the new room!) So for the back wall of her room, I ordered a copy of a Paul Goble book from Ebay and bought a bunch of cheap frames at Goodwill and Wal-mart. When I was a child I loved Paul Goble stories as they were about Native Americans and the pictures were beautiful. My grandmother was from Canada and was a Native American and I was very close to her. She read me these stories and I hope my daughter will cherish them as much as I do. So I cut out the illustrations in the book and hung them in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. 

Our rocking chair also sits over in the corner next to a canvas sling bookshelf. I feel like this is the safest and best way for my daughter to access her board books. Next to the chair sits a small table I found at a consignment shop. We sanded it down and painted it in four quadrants with the same paint I used for the dresser.

So I ended up having a variety of things with no main theme in our nursery. But I love it! It’s meaningful, colorful, and functional. I can’t wait to show everyone the new room in March!

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