Bowl Etching

My absolutely gorgeous and wonderful mother got another year older in Febuary. Ugh I know I am so behind on posts, aren't I??? Silly me, I need to get it together. Anyway, we got together and had dinner and did some gifts a couple of times. Part two was slightly better than part one. We got our wires crossed you see. My family and I live in different cities and I don't get to go home as often as I would like, so when I went home the day after my mom's birthday I thought we were waiting to celebrate until my other two sisters could be there, but plans had changed and I showed up unprepared. So we just did it again the next time I came home and my mom got 2 birthday dinners. Last year, my parent's kitchen got a complete makeover, except of course the kitchen ware. Somehow people also forget that part. So I thought I would use my new glass etching skills and some permeant outdoor vinyl to put together some new personalized kitchenware and everything turned out really well. You can find the glass etching tutorial here and the vinyl I got from vinyloutlet online and it is outdoor vinyl that I cut with my cricut. The bowls and the casserole pans are pyrex.

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