Simba Rag Rug

Sometimes I come up with an idea and just sit down and go with it and hope it turns out. This is one of those times. There were times when I loved it and times when I hated it. Done it looks awesome, but it was hard to tell half way through if I would like it. It is super easy to do, just takes some time(ok a lot of time) and you can really do it with any material or any design. I did mine as Simba as a baby shower gift for a couple doing their nursery in Lion King and I added his name to the side. You could just skip the design and use fabric scraps or you could do polka dots. These make soft rugs for your own room, kids room, or awesome gifts! The nice thing is they are personalizable and much cheaper to make than to buy not to mention fuller.

What You Need
12-13 yards of fabric (I used knit cotton because it is soft)
Latch Hook base grid

1. Start by cutting all of your fabric into strips of 1.5in x 4in

2. Outline your design by pushing your fabric through two holes as shown

3. Fill in with the rest of your fabric.

4. Trim any of the fabric that is sticking out or do anything trimming to make your design stick out.

Fast way to cut your strips(I cut several strips at a time)
1. Fold your fabric and cut the folded edges as shown

2. Cut this in half and then that in half until you are down to 1.5in x 4in pieces

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