If anyone has an 18 year old brother or son you can completely understand the dilemma I faced this year for Christmas with my brother. What do you get them? They buy the video games they want at midnight premieres because they simply can't fall behind their friends, buying clothes for them is a nightmare because they are 7 foot tall and like thing you would never even imagine buying, and basically they now buy whatever they want when they want. He has always been the hardest to buy for and I really like to get everyone something they really want. He is especially difficult, because his birthday falls not to long before Christmas so I have to think of two different things in a short amount of time. This year I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he sent me back "idk" which I then had to look up to find the meaning of. My response was various suggestions and his response was "surprise me." I was sure it would be a tough year. He got money for his birthday. To my surprise, however, when I asked him about Christmas his answer was a quilt. A quilt? really? Okay I can do that. So my sister and I got together and debated over different ideas and decided on the quilt below. I did forget to get a picture of all of us together and a good quilt of the final project due to time, but I will post some later under my Christmas post at the end of the month!

 The original pattern is Oh, Fransson! and we loved it instantly. We did make some minor adjustments. We made the squares bigger to make the quilt bigger. So the small squares we did 4x4 instead of 3x3 making the big squares 11x11. We did not do the blocking on the back as I was not a big fan(I really prefer a solid backing.) We used the left over blue and green fabrics for the binding. We did not do the fancy quilting, but instead followed the blocks(we both have simple sewing machines.) Needless to say, this is pretty much my favorite project I have done so far. I just love how it turned out and he seemed to really like it too. I offered to take it back and give him money instead and he was not interested.

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