Garland and Ornament Clusters

Though my intentions were to decorate early and have a gorgeous house full of glitter and lights it is obviously mid-December and I am just now finishing up with my decorations. Life most definitely keeps me busy. This is my latest project. I wrapped garland around the hand rail of the stair case and then of course added lots of decor. I went with red here since I did blue on the tree.

What You Need
lights(mine came pre-lit)

1. Start by wrapping your garland around your railing and secure
2. String with lights

Ornament clusters(These are super easy to make!)
1. Cut ribbon that is 20 inches long 
2. String with around 8 ornaments close together in the middle 
3. Tie a knot pulling the ornaments together in a cluster
4. Use your remaining ribbon to tie around your rail and garland

Finishing up
1. I then used other ornaments that clipped and hung to decorate the rest of the garland
2. I also used some stuff from the floral section and stuck it in the garland

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