Tissue Paper Flowers and Fashion Vases

Tissue paper flowers make a nice centerpiece which is easy to make and won't break the bank. You can make 6 flowers from 8 sheets of standard tissue paper. I made these for my sister's graduation party and they were a big hit!

Things you will need

Tissue Paper(4 sheets of standard tissue paper makes 3 flowers)
Floral Wire
Wooden Sticks
Green Paint
Glue Gun

1. Lay out your four sheets of tissue paper all lined up

2. Accordion fold tissue paper back and forth with each section being about 1 to 1.5 inches keeping tissue paper as straight as possible

3. Cut tissue paper in 3 fairly equal parts(note: you can cut on section bigger than the other two if you want bigger center flowers)(note #2: if you are using shorter tissue paper like what you get from target just cut 3 inches off the end and cut in half)

4. Cut off about 7 inches of floral wire and wrap around the center of the tissue paper

5. Cut the edges of the tissue paper so that they are half circles

6. Spread out one side of the tissue paper and start to separate the first sheet of tissue paper so that it will cover the center and then do the other side. Continue until all layers are separated.

7. Paint wooden sticks a nice grass green or any other color you would like.

8. Lay flowers out so they are close to the wall and use hot glue gun to glue wooden sticks onto the flowers. I let stick rest against the wall for 10-15 minutes to ensure it is dry and I found gluing it between two layers of the accordion fold keeps it from falling off more.  I used a 90 degree angle for the center flowers and a 45 degree angle for the side flowers. 

Fashion Vases

The vases are very easy and are a fun way to customize your arrangement. I used tall skinny vases but you can really use any kind of vase. All you have to do is use painters tape and tape on your design and then spray paint the vase any color you want. I used green because it was the color of her high school. Give the paint a good half hour to dry. Then remove the tape and insert your flowers. 

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