Sisters on Blackwell

 A message from Katelyn
Hello! In 2012, I started this blog to share my journey in crafting and baking with the rest of the world. I have been very lucky to have a huge number of views of my blog over the last couple of years, a number that is getting close to a MILLION! I was very hopeful that I would be able to keep up with the blog and post several times a months as I went through medical school, but becoming a physician is very time intensive. After looking at the dwindling number of posts over the last year, it was clear something needed to be done and the answer was almost overly obvious. I started crafting with my sister right before she got married. That was the very beginning of what would become one of my favorite hobbies and a hobby that my sister and I shared. It is with great joy that I am announcing a merger of such that comes with a few changes (as all mergers do.)

A Crafty Escape is becoming a sister's blog with a new name and a brand new look! Let me be the first person the welcome you to Sisters on Blackwell! We will expanding the blog some to include lots of new recipes, some book/beauty reviews, and of course more DIY! I hope that you will join us every Saturday morning for a new project or something new to cook up in your kitchen. We will see you soon!

A message from Jamie
I am so excited about all the changes and to be contributing regularly! Katie and I have lots of fun things to share and we'll be kicking off our new content starting on Wednesday with a review of the book I just finished. In August we'll be showing you our grandma's sausage gravy, some amazing salsa, and a fun new DIY project to spice up those boring plastic storage drawers! We've also revamped the About Me page with some fun info about ourselves and our blog so head over there to learn more about us and we'll see you back here soon! 


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