Skirt Fever

It has been a long time since I put my foot down on the pedal of my sewing machine. I had forgotten how great it feels to make something beginning to end and be proud of your final project, so I've decided I'm getting back into the craft room and work on some projects. My time is very limited right now with school, but I am trying to dedicate a few hours every week toward my projects to give me some "me" time and keep my sanity.
So what better way to get back to everything than making my first clothing item. The idea really came from seeing the material and trying to find something to do with it. Making my own clothes is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but was always afraid it would frustrate me. After looking at lots of tutorials and getting the general idea I came up with this skirt. It took a little trial and error, but I love how it turned out!

What You Need
1 yard patterned material
1 yard white material
Matching thread
Elastic(half waistx3inches)
Usual sewing supplies

1. Measure your waist and add 4 inches.
2.Cut a pattern piece that is your waist(+4)x 18 inches and then cut this piece in half so you have to equal pieces.(for example my pieces measure 19x18in)
3. Cut your white material waist(+4)x16 inches and cut into 2 equal parts

 4. Pin your patterns and white pieces together

5. Sew together

1. Cut a piece of your patterned material that measures half your waist x9inches and fold in half
2. Cut a piece of patterned material that is half waist+ 2-3 inches x 9 inches

3. Cut piece of elastic that is half your waist
4. Pin elastic to one half and sew at each end and a couple times in-between

5. Sew each half of waist closed
Note: in photos the elastic is small, but in retrospect the waist would have had a cleaner look if I had used one big piece of elastic rather than 2 small pieces.

Put it all together
1. Place your waist piece front down on top of front of skirt and vise versa
2. Sew together
3. Ensure the both halves of your skirt are the same length.
4. Fold bottom of the skirt up 1/2 inch and iron
5. Fold bottom up 1 1/2 inch and iron
6. Sew hem
7. Place two halves together (fronts face)and sew together using zig-zag stitch
8. Sew a straight line stitch right next to your zig zag stitch or you will see you threading when you put it on.(as shown above)

Estimated Project Time: 3 hours
Estimated Cost: $17


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