To Soon for Fall?

Where did summer go to? I am pretty sure it never arrived. Or maybe I just spent most of it hibernating at my study table. Yeah that was probably it. So I figure if pumpkin has hit Starbucks it must officially be fall, right? So the first project of the fall is a new wreath for the front door. I LOVE!!!! how it turned out. It cost me about the same amount to make my own unique wreath as it costs to buy one. It is super easy to make and easily changed to fit everyone's style and preferences.

What You Need
Grape Vine Wreath
Fake Flowers/leaves/pumpkins...etc
Quick Grip Super Glue
Wooden Letter

1. Start by clipping off the flowers or leaves you want to use on your wreath and attaching them to the clips with the super glue. Make sure it is super strong glue or the first sign of wear and the flower will fall off!
2. Clip the flowers around your wreath
3. Add leaves and other such decorations around your flowers. I added leaves for the outside and made a circle of leaves for the inside
4. Paint your letter(My last name initial is H but I liked the K better in the style of letters they had so I went with K)(Give it a good 3 coats)

5. Cut a 18 inches of ribbon and glue onto back of letter

6. Attach ribbon to top of wreath or to wreath holder
7. Hang and prepare for compliments! :D

Happy Fall!

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