DIY Jewelry Board(Guest Post)

So at almost 9 months very pregnant I was getting very bored and quite anxious to meet our little lady. I decided one random Saturday that I needed a project. I decided to make a jewelry display! I went to the local hardware store and I needed a board about yay by yay size (picture a 5 foot very pregnant woman telling a pimply teen to cut my bored about so big, shown with hands spaced a ways apart, yikes!). In reality it's about 2 feet wide by 15.5" tall.

I painted the entire bored in a minty green/blue. I started in the corner and attached diagonal strips of tape all the across the bored, to ensure even spacing. Then I removed every other piece and painted the open spaces with silver glitter paint.

I picked out 14 drawer knobs, 6 drawer pulls, and a package of lace. My husband attached each piece to the board in the layout I designed. I also added a strip of wide lace that I just taped to the back to hook earrings into. 

I LOVE the piece. It looks beautiful in my room and is very functional. If I were to do it again, I'd make a few changes:

1. This project costed me about $100. Yikes! Next time I'd hit up an antique shop or catch the drawer pulls half off at Hobby Lobby. 

2. I'd fasten my lace better. Heavy earrings really pull it down. Maybe using hot glue on the back and every so often on the front would help. 

Note: I'd like to give a big THANKS to my sister Jamie Roberts for writing this post and helping me to get back into my blog after the crazy busy few months of preparing for my board exams!

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