Art or Something Like It

My most vivid memory of my art ability is from when I was in elementary school. Anyone who didn't like art in school can relate to the dread you get when you are asked to draw something for an assignment. I was probably 7 or 8 and I don't really remember what the assignment was, but I remember I drew a buffalo. The teacher walked by and said, "oh, what a nice squirrel." Yup, I was scarred for life. I decided at that moment that I sucked at art and would never, ever be an artist of any kind. Like NEVER. I pretty much have stuck with that throughout life. It is actually that memory that made me decide I wasn't an artist, a crafty person, and I lacked all imagination. Talk about a life changing moment. I may have taken it to heart a little too much(can you really be that overly dramatic at 7? apparently you can). But I started giving up on at least part of that resolution a couple of years ago when I started crafting. My sister did a lot of sewing and made her own centerpieces for her wedding which were fabric birds stuffed with rice. We had a fight at some point during the wedding planning and as a way of calling it a truce and mending bridges I offered to help her with the birds. I had never done any kind of sewing before that(remember, I was sure I sucked at those kinds of things plus I tried to stay as far away from all kinds of needles as possible). I think I finished 1 bird the 3 hours we worked on them and my sister did the other 7ish. I didn't immediately get into crafting, but some time after that I decided to learn to quilt. It was the beginning of everything. Crafting has been something my sister and I have shared ever since. It has become one of my passions. However, I did not give up the notion that I was not an artist of any kind. My baby sister is the artistic being and I was going to leave it to her. But, then this week hit and I needed a new type of stress reliever. I took my medical board exams in July and I was awaiting the results that only come out on Wednesdays. So Tuesday nights have been brutal for the last 4 weeks. This Tuesday I decided to try my hand at drawing just for fun and I might have a new obsession. Let's just say that it is an excellent stress reliever, but I stand by the I will never be a da Vinci. However, I think for someone who has avoided art of all kinds for 15 years, I am doing alright. I also did some painting which I have decided I also really enjoy. Mediocre or not I am definitely enjoying it and I figure what the heck I'll share it will all of you! I hope to post a tutorial for taggies early next week. I am very excited to get back into blogging and I may even start a second blog to share my adventures as a medical student. Until then...

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