I've Been Away for me Health

A Zombie and the Wicked Witch of the West(next year he says he wants to be a wizard with a real ward so he can turn his sister into a frog. I plan on talking him in to being Harry Potter :)
For anyone who has seen or read Harry Potter you will recognize the title.  So for those of you who thought I was just a brilliant, talented, no-fun blogger, no need to worry I'm also somewhat of a dork.(LOL) Though I haven't blogged in what looks to be almost 6 weeks now, I definitely have not been idle. I have made halloween costumes, started christmas, and may even secretly have put up the Christmas tree. I know, I know totally crazy and early, but here is how I see. Everyday I study hard and work hard. I miss so much when it comes to time with family and friends. Though I got to make the costumes, I didn't get to go with them while they trick-or-treated, because I was here memorizing anti-fungal medications. Going to medical school is a huge personal sacrifice and Christmas is the one time of the year that I most definitely will not miss. So I start Christmas a little earlier than most, anticipating the day ahead and this allows me to make it through the studying I don't necessarily want to do and brings me a little joy when I haven't seen sunlight in days. I see Christmas as the day you spend with family and friends filled with laughter, smiles, and of course food(and gifts). Though I like anyone enjoy getting a gift on occasion, the best part for me is watching someone else open gifts I bought for them(this is the best gift of all in my opinion). I spend an incredible amount of time deciding what to get, looking for deals, and anticipating them opening it up. Though cash and gift cards are always nice, I enjoy the excitement that comes with getting something you want. Excitement at christmas time doesn't have end with childhood. At our house christmas was always a big deal and with two little sisters, we often got pretty excited well up in adulthood. I remember getting this necklace one year and my youngest sister grabbing it right out of my hands and running up the stairs with it(I let her borrow it a time or two). Mind you I think this incident was like 2 years ago. When we were real little, we woke my mom up at 4am to open presents and because she loved christmas so much(maybe where we get it) she never complained. We were always awake and through half of the presents before the newspaper hit the porch. Last year my parents took over the care of two little ones and so the Christmas traditions get to start all over. They had never had a real christmas before and so I think they may have been a little overwhelmed. The night before we made cookies(we make hundreds), opened up our first gift on Christmas eve(christmas jammies every year), and settled in for hot chocolate and a Christmas movie before going to bed anticipating Santa. When morning came, we had already separated out the gifts and lets just say though we have always been middle class my mother saves all year for Christmas and she can definitely work the deals so Christmas is HUGE. They got many things they loved and it was very exciting for all of us. Then it was our turn and I think every year my goal has been to make my parents cry from happiness and so far I've succeeded. So though I have clearly gotten off track, this Christmas I hope to be EPIC. Unfortunately, many of the things I am making are for my sister and she of course read my blog :). So anything else I will posting, but otherwise you will get tons of posts after Christmas. (or after the 15th of Dec when I will be doing Christmas with her and my grandparents.) So look forward to those and enjoy. Below you will see the Halloween costumes I made(let's just say this is not the easiest thing to do and next year I hope to be much better so I can post tutorials) and some pictures from last year Christmas so you can start getting excited as well. I'm also going to post pictures of my Christmas tree as soon as I find my camera charger. Happy Late Halloween and a Very Early Merry Christmas to you all!
Best part of getting all the presents around the tree is the cats can no longer get up into the tree(my parents have 2 cats)

Where are we going to put that?


This thing was soooooooooo cool! After I bought it for him I couldn't wait for him to open it and of course we put it together on Christmas(see below)

She started asking for the Born to Dance doll months before Christmas and I waited for a sell and missed her and then spent the next two weeks checking the Toys R Us website every hour until she came back in stock.

Can we start yet mom?

I even made homemade bows last year

This goes to show the excitement on Christmas never dies in our house. My sister got him a blue flannel shirt he asked for in August and he was super excited when he opened it on Christmas(he also gets excited about shoes)

Though my team isn't doing so well this year, I still love my yearly jersey

Putting together his high jump. We all stood in the kitchen for an hour playing with this thing.

My mom made her a tutu for christmas and she got a dancing CD so once the excitement died down she disappeared and this is where I found her.

This is actually not Christmas. Last year I studied right up to almost the day before christmas for my Microbiology and Neurology finals and I begged to open one of my gifts during the process and this is what I got!

Decorating Sugar Cookies

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