Breakfast at Tiffany's Tulle Dress

The decision to make this dress is linked to an adorable story of a 6 year old who told me she MUST have this dress and she would need to dye her hair brown of course. With her birthday right around the corner, I figured it would be a perfect excuse to try my hand at tutu dresses. This was a pretty simple project and super fun for little girl dress-up or maybe even big-girl halloween.

Things you need
Black tulle-I used 20 yards of 6 in across for hers
Black elastic
1yd black satin
Black ribbon

1. Measure around the chest under the armpits. Take this number and subtract 3 inches and measure out this length of elastic
2. Sew your elastic together at the ends
3. Measure from right below the under arms down to the knees, double it, and add 3 inches. This will be the length you need for the tulle.
4. Cut your tulle into 6 in strips the length you calculated above

5. Put your elastic around something round (I use my leg)

6. Fold each piece of tulle in half, put the middle under the elastic, pull the end through the loop that is under the elastic to make a knot until you have down this with each piece of elastic

7. Measure out your satin so that it will fit around as a kind of slip(this is optional but keeps the dress from being itchy) and sew together edges. You kind of want to make it V shaped so they have enough room to move around
8. Sew the top of your satin tube onto your elastic
9. Add two loops of satin on each side of the tube for your ribbon to go through later
10. Measure your shoulder length and cut out  4 pieces this size and sew where you want your shoulders to go
11. Tie your shoulder ribbons together, these are adjustable which makes it nice to make a perfect fit.
12. Straighten out your tulle and then run your ribbon through your loops and tie around the back
13. Pair with tiara, black shoes, and red fingernail polish :D

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