DIY Fabric (Easter) Baskets

What you'll need

1/2 yd fabric for outside
1/2 yd fabric for inside
1/2 yd Pellon Ultra Firm Stabilizer

1. Start by cutting out your fabric into squares. The Pellon should be cut into 8in x 8in squares(You'll need 4 squares). The fabric of the bottom of the basket should be cut into 9in x 9in squares. The fabric of the outside fabrics should also be 9in x 9in squares and the inside fabric should be 8.25in x 9in squares. 

2. Start by lining up an outside square with the inside square. Leaving the extra fabric where the top of your basket will be. Then sew each side and the bottom of each square on the wrong side.

3. Turn square inside-out so you can see the right side of the fabric and slip in a square of Pellon. Then fold the fabric over and sew the top side of the square. 

4. Then sew a simple design onto the square to keep everything in place. On my girls basket, I did an X and on my boy's basket I made diagonal lines

5. Then sew each side of the basket to the bottom with the stitching on the inside fabric and then sew each side together.

6. Cut out a strip of fabric about a 2 ft long, fold in half, and sew together to make a strap.

7. After flipping the basket inside out so the outside fabric is on the outside, sew the strap to each side. 

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